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Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Raw Honey NZ

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So, you have heard about honey and organic honey but never heard anything called raw honey. It is quite obvious right that the honey you buy from the market is indeed raw? So, why is there such a fuss about buying raw honey? The concept is much like the food you make. You use uncooked vegetables or meat to prepare a dish, right? All the minerals, vitamins, and nutritional elements are present in their purest form when the vegetables are raw. These nutritional elements start to decrease as soon the vegetables are cooked and processed. The same is the case for honey. Raw honey has the original sweet taste that honeybees produce. They are rare but you can buy raw honey NZ from online stores.

Why is raw honey so special?

What makes raw honey different from all the branded honey that you get in the market? Is it just the taste that differs or is there something else? To be honest, raw honey is completely different from all the types of honey that you have tasted so far. These are collected directly from the honeybees. So, you are getting the concentrated nectar of flowers directly after it is processed by the bees. The honey is collected from a honey extractor, it is not processed or pasteurised or heated – you get the honey directly without any kind of processing in between. So far, you have tasted honey that is filtered and processed and there are companies that even add a bit of sugar to make the honey tastier.

Raw honey has ingredients that are quite similar to the ones that are found in various fruits that produce alkaline in your body. It does not ferment after reaching the stomach. So, you can use it for treating indigestion. If you are wondering the appropriate place to buy raw honey NZ, you can look into the website of Manuka Corner.

One of the reasons why it will be better to buy raw honey NZ is that it is helpful to your body. Whenever the honey is pasteurised, it tends to kill the yeast cells. This basically stops fermentation but if you are living in an area with high moisture content, you will not be able to keep this honey for long. That is why it is always advised to buy raw honey NZ from Manuka Corner where you will get honey in its raw form.

Raw honey will granulate

Unlike other types of honey, raw honey will not remain in the typical liquid state all the time. If you keep it for a few months, it will form granules. The honey that you get from Manuka Corner is purchased directly from bee farms and packeted for selling. This honey will contain particles because of the bee pollen, propolis, and honeycomb bits that cause the granules. Once you start using raw honey you will automatically feel a difference in the taste as it will be better than the branded honey you normally have.

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